Yoga has helped me immensely in my life: as a source of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. I began practicing in 2018, and haven’t looked back since! They say yoga meets you where you are, exactly as you are. Whatever your ability level or knowledge of yoga, the tools are ready for you to connect with your body, mind, and spirit. I teach a virtual group yoga class for Daayani Yoga on Sunday mornings!

Private Yoga

If you are interested in private yoga sessions, I may be the right teacher for you.


Create an intention for your practice that will aid your personal journey and experience. Intention setting is a powerful self-care tool.

Personal Attention

Private yoga provides the personal attention you may need to focus your practice: beginners to advanced yogis alike.


I am a yogi who understands the power of a consistent practice. Your class will require no previous experience, just a willing mind.

Private Yoga Details:

  • Online Private Yoga for one person: $30 per hour.
  • Online Private Yoga for small groups (2-3 people): $25 per person, per hour.
  • In-Person Private Yoga for one person (Long Island residents only): $40 per hour
  • In-Person Private Yoga for small groups (2-3 people, Long Island Residents only): $35 per person, per hour.
  • Payments via Venmo or PayPal. Contact me below to get started.

Contact Me for Private Yoga