Children’s Media


Melissa designed, wrote, and created a children’s storybook web application available on Amazon.

Product features

  • 24 page, illustrated, animated picture book
  • Book features read-aloud audio option
  • Practice identifying shapes with a companion game
  • App aids in early reading and math skills
  • For early reading and math learners

Hear No Evil

Feature Film Script – 12 page sample – Hear No Evil Script

Written by Melissa Pelletier and Banke Owoeye

Hear No Evil is the story of Ebele and Ajani: two kids who escaped death while playing in the forest near their home village, but gained super hearing abilities in the process. Ajani learns that his ability has a negative side when suddenly you know everyone’s secrets. Ebele is more careful with her power and learns to use it to help others. What is life like when you can hear everything around you better than everyone else? What happens when you hear things you shouldn’t hear?